Incentives in Literature

Financial incentives and the “performance of crowds” by Winter Mason and Duncan J. Watts, KDD-HCOMP ’09

Designing Incentives for Inexpert Human Raters by Aaron Shaw, John Horton, and Daniel Chen (a blog post by Aaron Shaw)

Incentives and Truthful Reporting in Consensus-centric Crowdsourcing by Ece Kamar and Eric Horvitz (2-page poster)
(link contributed by Iyad Rahwan)

A Bayesian Truth Serum for Subjective Data by Dražen Prelec, Science ’04

Peer Prediction without a Common Prior by Jens Witkowski and David Parkes, ACM EC ’12

Crowd IQ: Measuring the Intelligence of Crowdsourcing Platforms by Michal Kosinski, Yoram Bachrach, Gjergji Kasneci, Jurgen Van-Gael, and Thore Graepel, ACM Web Sciences ’12

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